Where to Buy Gold Coins in Dark Souls 3 (DS3)

Where to Buy Gold Coins in Dark Souls 3 (DS3)


Dark Souls 3 (DS3) is a critically acclaimed action role-playing game known for its challenging gameplay and intricate world-building. Within this dark and unforgiving universe, players encounter various in-game currencies, with gold coins being one of the most valuable. Knowing where to buy gold coins can significantly enhance your gaming experience, as they are essential for acquiring essential items, weapons, and equipment. In this guide, we will explore the locations of merchants who sell gold coins, farming methods to acquire them, and tips for efficiently managing this valuable currency.

Gold Coins in DS3

What Are Gold Coins?

Gold coins are a form of in-game currency in DS3. They serve as a medium of exchange for purchasing items, weapons, and equipment from various merchants scattered throughout the game world. These coins are indispensable for character progression and survival.

Uses of Gold Coins

Gold coins have several important uses in DS3:

  • Purchasing weapons and armor
  • Buying consumable items such as healing items and status-effect remedies
  • Acquiring spells, pyromancies, and miracles
  • Upgrading equipment at the Firelink Shrine’s blacksmith

Where to Buy Gold Coins in DS3

Merchant Locations

Location 1: Firelink Shrine Merchant

One of the earliest opportunities to buy gold coins is from the Firelink Shrine merchant. She is located in the Firelink Shrine itself, near the handmaiden. She usually has a limited supply of gold coins for sale, so check her inventory regularly.

Location 2: Shrine Handmaiden

The Shrine Handmaiden in the Firelink Shrine also sells gold coins. Her inventory may expand as you progress through the game, making her a reliable source for this currency.

Farming Methods

Enemy Drops

Gold coins can also be acquired through enemy drops. Several enemies throughout the game have a chance to drop gold coins when defeated. These include Silver Knights, Lothric Knights, and various humanoid enemies.

Other Methods

  • Covetous Gold Serpent Ring: Equip this ring to increase item discovery, improving your chances of gold coin drops from enemies.
  • Item Find Buffs: Use items or spells that temporarily boost your item discovery rate when farming for gold coins.

Merchant Inventory

When considering where to buy gold coins in DS3, it’s essential to check the quantity and price of gold coins offered by each merchant. These numbers can vary, so be mindful of the available stock. Additionally, some merchants may have unique features or advantages, such as a broader inventory of valuable items.

Strategies for Acquiring Gold Coins

Efficient Farming Tips

  • Item Discovery: Invest in leveling up your item discovery stat, which can improve your chances of obtaining gold coins as enemy drops.
  • Bonfire Farming: Identify locations with a high density of enemies that drop gold coins and repeatedly farm them. Rest at a nearby bonfire to reset the enemies.

Recommended Equipment

  • Covetous Gold Serpent Ring: As mentioned earlier, this ring increases item discovery, making it a valuable asset when farming gold coins.
  • Symbol of Avarice: While this helmet boosts item discovery, it also drains your health slowly, so use it cautiously.

Using Gold Coins in DS3

Once you’ve acquired gold coins, it’s crucial to know where and how to spend them. Gold coins can be used at various merchants, blacksmiths, and NPCs throughout the game. Spending them wisely on weapons, armor, spells, and upgrades can significantly improve your character’s capabilities and increase your chances of surviving the challenging encounters in DS3.


In conclusion, knowing where to buy gold coins in Dark Souls 3 is vital for your progression in the game. Merchants and farming methods are your primary sources for obtaining this valuable currency. By following the strategies and tips provided in this guide, you can efficiently manage your gold coins and enhance your gaming experience in the brutal world of DS3.

Remember, patience and perseverance are key in the world of Dark Souls. Happy hunting!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I sell items to merchants for gold coins?A1: No, you can’t sell items directly for gold coins in DS3. Gold coins are primarily acquired through purchases or enemy drops.

Q2: Are there any penalties for dying with gold coins?A2: No, dying does not result in a loss of gold coins. They are a persistent in-game currency that you retain even after death.

Q3: Is there a maximum limit to the number of gold coins I can carry?A3: No, there is no maximum limit to the number of gold coins you can carry in DS3, so feel free to accumulate them as you progress.

Q4: Can I trade gold coins with other players in multiplayer mode?A4: No, gold coins cannot be traded or transferred between players in multiplayer mode. They are unique to each player’s game.

Disclaimer: This guide is accurate as of the knowledge cutoff date in September 2021 and is based on the mechanics present in DS3 up to that time.